A szavazás lezárult.

Leo Budapest

Hello Budapest, My name is Leo, Your Highness. We haven’t met yet, but I finally have arrived to Budapest and I would like to let you in some secrets about me, just to make sure you will recognize me when the time will come. I have a very strong feeling about you and me spending this summer together. So, who am I… I am coming from a large and highly sophisticated family, but if I am honest I was always the black sheep around. Nothing serious - of course, I mean from my part. :P I am eager to swim against the flow and to do what others may not even dream or think of trying. I love to travel, to get to know other cultures and people from all around the world. I love to eat…oh my God all those amazing flavours and colors of the world. If there’s food, there have to be drinks. Cocktails, wines, bubbles, champagne - I can handle them all, just make sure I have some friends around - being alone is not that fun - you know what I mean, right?! So, I highly recommend you not to leave me hanging and meet me at the top of Hotel Clark and Beefbar Budapest, where I can show you the most amazing view to our gourgeus city. I’ll keep you posted (on Facebook and instagram). See you at my roof, Leo, Your Highness

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